Cut and Bang Theory

Class Overview

The Cut and Bang Theory 1/2 class entails an advanced level of precision hair cutting techniques. These advanced techniques include clipper, taper work, thinning shears, point cutting etc… This class will also focus on the advance technique of extensions placement in the bang / frontal area. This technique shows how to enhance the clients look in a very natural way. These skills will add onto your ticket price and give your clients more options.

Payment Options

We accept the following methods of payments, which must be made by the beginning of the class.

  • Major Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Cashier’s Check (drawn from a local bank)
  • Cash


Contact Brookey B’s Hair Gallery to register for the Cut and Bang Theory Continuing Education class.

Pay Your Deposit

Class Schedule (2017)

February 19th & 20th
March 5th & 6th / 19th & 20th
April 2nd & 3rd / 16th & 17th
May 7th & 8th / 21st & 22nd
June 4th & 5th / 18th & 19th
July 2nd & 3rd / 16th & 17th
August 13th & 14th / 27th & 28th
September 3rd & 4th / 17th & 18th
October 1st & 2nd / 15th & 16th
November 5th & 6th / 19th & 20th
December 3rd & 4th / 17th & 18th