Apprentice Training Salon




Brookey B’s Hair Gallery Apprentice Training Salon opened August 27, 2018.  We offer a wide variety of beauty and wellness programs, several professional beauty care products, and client services. The apprentice salon tailors its operations around the need of the students, experience and passion of the educators, research, surveys, and questionnaires.

We are a multicultural cosmetology school in the Metro Omaha Area.

The School’s main objectives consist of:

  • The development of professional stylist with high standards and ethics.
  • Creating cosmetologists that are trained and knowledgeable in foundational and chemistry practices.
  • Assisting students in developing a diverse portfolio that allow them to work with multicultural and multi­textural hair types.
  • Establishing a positive, safe, and encouraging environment that will allow students to learn and develop in all areas of the program.
  • Professional and financial development is a major component of our curriculum.

Research shows that these are some of the main areas that need to be addressed with in the beauty industry.

The apprentice training salon is great for those who are more comfortable with a smaller learning environment.  This platform allows the student to get more of the one on one experience.